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2012 Features Other Years:
Dates Gay-Themed X-Rated
  January 7th   Buffering   Woodshop
  January 21st   Flight of the Cardinal
  The Guys Next Door - Part 1 (FP213)
  The Guys Next Door - Part 2 (FP214)
  February 4th   Hold Your Peace   Cowboys - Part 1
  February 18th   The Love Patient   Cowboys - Part 2
  March 3rd   Paolo   Cock Trap
  March 17th   Over The Edge
  Around The World - Part 1
  Around The World - Part 2
  April 7th   Eating Out 5: Open Weekend
  Sektor 9 - Part 1
  Sektor 9 - Part 2
  April 21st   The Seminarian   Name of the Game
  May 5th   Broken Tower   Right Here, Right Now
  May 19th   Black Briefs   The Last Day
  June 2nd   eCupid
  Raising The Bar - Part 1
  Raising The Bar - Part 2
  June 16th   Private Romeo   Hungover (FP 218)
  July 7th   Four Films By Scud   Kristen Bjorn Festival
  July 21st   Party Cancelled  
  August 4th   House of Boys
  Drill My Hole - Part 1
  Drill My Hole - Part 2
  August 18th   Blue Briefs
  Where The Bears Are - Part 1
  American Lovers - Part 1
  American Lovers - Part 2
  September 1st   August   Daddy It Hurts!
  September 15th   Weekend   Head Trip
  October 6th   Going Down in La-La Land   Summer Lust
  October 20th   Funkytown   Fur Mountain
  November 3rd   Morgan   Special Reserve
  November 17th   Beauty   Hooker Stories
  December 1st   Vampires: Brighter In Darkness   Rim Gym
  December 15th   The Falls
  Deep Inside - Part 1
  Deep Inside - Part 2
  December 29th   The Men Next Door   Batman And Robin: XXX Parody