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Saturday, July 7th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Hong Kong Filmmaker Scud

2008 - 2011

Country: Hong Kong

Studio: Media Luna

Director: Scud


Scud is possibly the most talented queer filmmaker you’ve never heard of! Featuring gorgeous young men (often nude), stylish Hong Kong locations, elaborately designed sets, impressive cinematography and sexy, unpredictable stories that explore what it is like to be queer in Asia today, Scud's movies have received worldwide film festival play and commercial success in the Far East. None of them, however, have been made available on DVD in the United States... until now! We're proud to present these four sexy selections from Hong Kong's most promising gay filmmaker:

Amphetamine (2010, 97 min)

City Without Baseball (2008, 100 min)

Permanent Residence (2009, 115 min)

Love Actually... Sucks (2011, 95 min)