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Saturday, December 1st

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Rim Gym

2011, 97 min

Country: U.S.

Studio: Catalina

Director: Chi Chi LaRue


Heart rates are raised as the sweaty gym jocks of Rim Gym get their puckered muscle holes re-hydrated by well-trained workout buddies. With a mind-blowing barrage of jock-strapped slurping and munching, these lucky muscle studs delight in the intensity of the burn until they thrust out max loads of pumped-up protein. Starring muscle-assed Connor Maguire and extra lick-able Cliff Jensen, Chi Chi LaRue's Rim Gym is a non-stop buffet of ass-licking, tongue-sticking and greedy cock-sucking action


Chi Chi LaRue's Rim Gym is a case of parallel evolution. Cover model Conner Maguire is making himself pretty in the mirror so he will look good at the gym when boyfriend Junior asks him to delay his exit in exchange for getting his ass eaten. Maguire figures he can have it all, so he grabs his pud and jacks while Junior tongues his hole. Two orgasms later, Maguire hits the gym.

He works out wearing only a jockstrap, but the memory of his morning encounter prevents him from concentrating on his workout. Is the viewer's imagination or Conner's that brings together fellow gym members Cliff Jensen and Trent Diesel for some of the same ass-kissing that Conner just enjoyed? Jensen jacks off on a bench while Diesel, displaying impossibly perfect ab definition, licks his lips and takes his time sauntering over to suck the mast between Cliff's legs.

Chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom dontcha just love it when you look down into the face of a sweet boy batting his eyelashes while he looks up at you as he swallows your stem? Diesel moves to Jensen's ass, first tonguing it then surfing the crack with his cock until he cums, after which Jensen gets to his feet and, taking The Band's advice to "put the load right on me," squirts all over Trent.

Maguire is now beating his meat and fingering his foreskin while he orchestrates a romp in his mind between Diego Vena and Niko Reeves. Vena's "69" jockstrap covers his cock and balls but leaves his hole exposed to Reeves' tongue. After the rim job, Vena reciprocates by sucking and rimming Reeves while simultaneously milking him to orgasm.

Maguire's manual manipulations continue as bald David Chase takes center stage. His jockstrap-clad buns are a beacon to Drake Jaden, who rushes in with tongue and bald pate #2 to rim as well as finger him. Forming the caboose in this train is Colton Steele, who slides on his back between Drake's legs as if he were a mechanic scooching under your car to take a look. While furry Steele sucks and rims, Chase moves to the rear of the line to take charge of Steel's junk. The scene concludes with Steele and Jaden making a tube with their lips and Chase fucking it until his spooge shoots forth.

-- Onan the Vulgarian, XX Factor (http://www.xxfactor.com)