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Saturday, September 18th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Taboo: The Peter Twins

(2009, 123 min)

Country: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic

Studio: Bel Ami

Director: Lukas Ridgeston


Here it is gentleman - the one you've heard everyone talking about. The ultimate taboo is finally broken as chiseled identical twins Milo and Elijah Peters go all the way in Bel Ami's Taboo. Directed by Lukas Ridgeston, our jaws were on the floor and our hands on our crotches from the second we hit play. (It's like an Abercrombie & Fitch ad meets David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers - but, you know, without the gynecological exams and drug-induced suicides.) The twins interact with fan faves Brandon Manilow, Dolph Lambert, Manuel Rios, and yak-hung Trevor Yates, but it's their scene together that will leave you breathless, culminating in bareback fucking and cum-load swallowing. (Now how's that for an OMFG alert!) It's practically like watching a mirror have sex with itself.


According to Edward Albee, "Sometimes it's necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly." Case in point: identical twins Milo and Elijah Peters. From liking girls to liking boys to liking each other, it's like ending up where you started. In Lukas Ridgeston's Taboo, you can see it all.

Taboo offers fours scenes. In three of them the twins partner with others. In the final scene, they go it alone. All of the scenes are rife with oral cumshots and unreserved sex, no matter who's zooming whom.

Unlike ordinary mortals, twins get to play head games with the world. Milo gets a kick from hooking up online with Trevor Yates, then springing his brother out from behind a tree. Whoa, what's this? Trevor is caught off-guard but he's open to persuasion and the three of them wind up amicably in the twins' apartment, pulling clothes off each other. This is a long scene that begins with Trevor fucking both of the twins, followed by showers, followed by the twins fucking Trevor. Everyone sucks everyone else, everyone tops, everyone bottoms, everyone swallows and everyone has a good time.

If Yates worked for an American studio, they'd be hollering to the hills about how big his cock is. Bel Ami is amazingly modest on the subject, but as endowments go, it ranks among the biggest and fattest on the planet. This is also one of only two scenes with rimming, Trevor putting his tongue to work on at least one twin hole.

In the next scene, the twins (who also work as personal trainers) show Dolph Lambert how to work out without weights. After the training session, rehydration is required. Can you tell where this is going? The ensuing three-way differs from the earlier one in that Dolph is the sole top and there's no rimming.

Manuel Rios and Brandon Manilow sign up for a fitness training session with the twins. Rios is an odd duck in the Bel Ami lineup. If somebody grabbed four model images from random on the Bel Ami website and added Rios' to the group, then asked, "Which one does not belong," you'd pick Manuel. But after watching him in action how can you not love this guy. He is sexually versatile, there's nothing he won't do on camera, and he performs with a zealous cheer at all times, as if he's there's nothing he'd rather be doing.

After their workout, the quartet retires to more private and comfy digs for a session of synchronized sex one twin services Manuel and the other takes on Brandon. Except for rubbing their cocks together and a bit of kissing, there's little interaction between the twins themselves.

The final scene begins with an off-camera person, presumably Ridgeston, asking the twins questions about the sexual attraction they feel for each other. The interviewer then asks them to demonstrate it, and one of the twins responds by standing and doing an erotic striptease, asking his brother, "Do you want to touch my body?" As bodies go, both are about as ripped and defined as a body can be, without the bulk that a bodybuilder would have. If you need further persuading, back up to the beginning of the previous scene and pay attention to the few seconds that show one of the twins, shirtless, doing chin-ups.

It was at this point that I suffered a mental lapse and envisioned a role-play in which Milo and Elijah morphed into Danny and Sandy (John Travolta and Olivia Newton John) doing the number "You're the one that I want ooh ooh ooh" from Grease. Yanked back to reality, I watch the twins suck, rim and fuck each other, with lots of oohing and aahing and multiple changes of position.

Taboo is edgy enough that the usual distributor for Bel Ami and Ridgeston refused to distribute it. With the widespread economic doldrums that are impacting adult entertainment, it's a good time to rattle a few cages and remind people of the industry's origins, in which unsavory disrepute was a badge of honor.

-- Onan the Vulgarian, XX Factor (http://www.xxfactor.com)