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Saturday, July 20th

Upstairs at 8:30 PM

Before Homosexuals
Homos - Trailer
Before Stonewall
(2017, 87 min)

Country: U.S.

Director: John Scagliotti

Studio: Revry/After Stonewall

Language: English


Filmmaker John Scagliotti offers a tour of erotic history, poetry, and visual art in this point-of-view documentary detailing same-sex desire from ancient times to present day.


Before Homosexuals takes the viewer on a wondrous tour of same-sex desire from ancient times to Victorian crimes. Inspired by gay liberation, historians and artists join Emmy Award-winner John Scagliotti on this revel in recent erotic discoveries. This continues Johnís pioneering work. He has produced many now-classic documentaries, such as BEFORE STONEWALL and AFTER STONEWALL. He also created the first LGBT radio show (THE LAVENDER HOUR, 1973) and television series on PBS (IN THE LIFE, 1991 to 2012). In recognition of his service to the LGBT community, he received an honorary doctorate from Marlboro College, VT.

"Before Homosexuals" is a prelude to the award-winning films, "Before Stonewall" and "After Stonewall", and together will form a trilogy. This trilogy will improve understanding and respect, while decreasing intolerance, discrimination, and violence towards gays and lesbians worldwide through proving the hypothesis that gays and lesbians have always existed in every culture throughout history and have made some of the most beautiful and powerful contributions to human history and art.

-- Reviewed by producers (http://www.beforehomosexuals.com)