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Saturday, February 4th

Upstairs at 8:30 PM

One Erection:  Boy Band
One Erection - Trailer
One Erection
The Un-Making of a Boy Band

(2016, 229 min)

Country: U. S.

Director: Chi Chi LaRue, Jake Jaxson

Studio: Cocky Boys

Language: English


One Erection is the boy band parody everyone has been waiting for. In the fall of 2015, the internationally known boy band sensation New Direction had just ended their third world tour and released their newest (and most controversial) hit single, "A Porn Love Story."

While they were looking forward to some much needed rest, they first had to shoot the sing's music video. Much to director Jake Jaxson's surprise, the band asked him to make a no holds barred documentary following that process. At the start of this journey, he thought he would be making the next great "rockumentary." But it soon became clear what Jaxson was making may very well be one of the most epic "COCKumentaries!"


Episode 1:

  • New Direction's members are Liam Riley, Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson, Allen King, and Kody Stewart.
  • The group went on hiatus.
  • I think Allen King quit, so they are a foursome.
  • They've returned from hiatus.
  • They have a new song, "A Porn Star Love Story".
  • Since the song is about a porn star love story, the song's music video will be directed by world-famous drag queen and porn director Chi Chi Larue.
  • Since the song is about a porn star love story, Chi Chi has brought in porn stars Rikk York, Lukas Grande, and Trenton Ducati for the video.
  • Chi Chi promises their manager, Jason Maddox, that there will be no sex in the music video (because they are pop stars and sex is bad). But she has an agenda all her own.
  • Liam is very controlling, and trying to push his agenda, including this documentary, onto the group, and things are at a breaking point.
  • Chi Chi's agenda lines up with Liam's.
  • Trenton Ducati, Rikk York, and Lukas Grande (porn stars in the video) have sex, completely unrelated to everything going on.

Episode 2:

  • There is tension, but especially sexual tension between all members of the group.
  • There are rumors that Liam Riley and Allen King are sleeping together.
  • Everyone denies this, but in the filming of the documentary, Chi Chi the director remarks that all the members are gay.
  • The group continues to deny this, as well as their manager, Jason Maddox.
  • Tayte Hanson does his interview for the documentary.
  • He tells us how he became a part of the band, and about his Christian single, "Nailed Him".
  • Jason Maddox fucks Tayte Hanson, completely unrelated to anything and anyone in the current action.

Episode 3:

  • Allen King returns from hiatus and joins the group to continue filming their music video.
  • Allen and Liam experience tension AGAIN.
  • Allen, Liam, and Chi Chi call a meditator who helps the boys find their peace.
  • Meanwhile, Chi Chi films some extras scenes for the group's music video, featuring leather enthusiast and porn star, Nick Sterling.
  • Kody can't keep his eyes off Nick, and he watches the whole time Nick shoots his footage.
  • Chi Chi continues to swear that the film won't incorporate sex, because sex is bad, but films one interaction between Kody and Nick.
  • That sends the two over the edge, and they have sex on the porch.

Is anyone else as confused by this plot as I am? None of these scenes seem to flow together, and there doesn't seem to be any connection between the sex had, and the plot driving the story forward. Not only that, but episode 3 marks a departure in the series of using part of the non-sex scenes to drive promote the sex scenes - they used a sex preview video here, where before they used part of the plot line.

Alas, what was once a premise for an exciting porn film has turned into a muddled mess. That all being said, can we talk about how GOOD Nick Sterling looks in his leather outfit?

-- Garridan P. Faxton, Fleshbot (http://gay.fleshbot.com/)