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Saturday, June 18th

Upstairs at 8:30 PM

Exploited - Trailer
(2022, 91 min)

Country: U. S.

Director: Jon Abrahams

Studio: Gravitas Ventures

Language: English


After Brian (Jordan Ver Hoeve), a closeted college freshman, checks into his dorm room, he discovers a thumb drive which includes files of a hot male webcam model (Colin Bates) interacting with clients. But the last session ends in what may be a murder. He becomes obsessed with unraveling the story, but his quest becomes complicated when he falls into the beefy arms of his hunky new wrestler roommate Jeremy (Andrew Matthew Welch) - who is seemingly straight and already has a girlfriend (Makenzie Vega).

The mysterious disappearance of the webcam model takes on a dangerous voyeuristic role when this love triangle-embroiled trio finds themselves being manipulated, blackmailed and made to fear for their lives. Exploited is a slick, scary and very sexy new thriller from actor-director Jon Abrahams.


Have a smirk over the irony of naming an exploitive sex, webcams and coeds killer tale “Exploited.” It’s not like it’s going to score any other points for cleverness.

A feebly-plotted, meekly-acted raw dog softcore porn pic masquerading as a thriller, the only promise it keeps is that it’s as unpleasant as the webcam sex interrupted by assault opening scene, start to finish.

College freshman Brian (Jordan Ver Hoeve) may have an older sibling at Starling University, aka Second Choice U. But the blonde kid brother (Half brother?) has some things to work through in between the classes, parties and wrestler-bully roommate Jeremy (Andrew Matthew Welch).

Like the fact that Jeremy might be into initiating Brian, sexually. Jeremy’s girlfriend (Makenzie Vega)? She doesn’t need to know.

But every little secret just might be exposed when Brian, and then his part-time drug dealing brother (Will Peltz), dig deep into this mysterious flash drive which shows the wide range of kink a former classmate (Colin Bates) serviced via web cam — gay and straight, S&M, clowns, furries.

Are we seeing the guy murdered on camera in the last of those “acts?” That makes this a “snuff” drive.

No, let’s not go to the police. Let’s try and figure out who that was and who the clients were amongst our classmates and that one particularly arrogant B-movie beauty physics professor (Leah Pipes)..

There’s email, webcam and cell-phone text hacking and manipulation, more and more people get sucked in or on as we stagger towards some sort of anti-climactic climax.

The mystery doesn’t entirely play fair, not that it’s interesting enough to entice one into sticking with this. The acting is pretty bad, and there’s a general unpleasantness to the proceedings that makes the film a video equivalent chastity belt

-- Review by Roger Moore, Movie Nation (http://wwww.rogersmovienation.com)