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Saturday, November 19th

Upstairs at 8:30 PM

As Long As I'm Famous
Long As Famous - Trailer
As Long As I'm Famous
(2022, 104 min)

Country: U.S.

Director: Bruce Reisman

Studio: Ariztical Entertainment

Language: English


Inspired by true events, writer-director Bruce Reisman's As Long as I'm Famous is set during the summer of 1948 and follows the private, often forbidden romances of legends Montgomery Clift (Gavin Adams) and Richard Rodgers (Eric Lutes), told through the perspective or a then-unknown 24-year-old writer named Sidney Lumet (Aaron Fors). During the Golden Age of Broadway and Hollywood, privacy was not just implied, it was expected.


Written and directed by showrunner Bruce Reisman, the movie was inspired by true events and it pays tribute to the Golden Age of Broadway back in the summer of 1948. He is able to shed light on the private lives of Montgomery ďMontyĒ Clift (Gavin Adams), Richard Rodgers (Eric Lutes), and Sid Lumet (Aaron Fors), as the audience learns more about the history of Hollywood and Broadway.

Reisman is able to successfully put fans and viewers into a time warp to 1948. This is one of the rawest and most authentic acting performances of David Chokackiís career. He is not afraid to be vulnerable, while Fors is equally spellbinding as Sid.

Itís a story that delves beyond the surface, and encompasses elements of drama, comedy, romance, and LGBTQ issues in the í40s, at a time when it was taboo. Powerful storytelling at its finest and the boxing scene is quite extraordinary. Well done.

Overall, Aaron Fors and David Chokachi deliver dynamic and transformative performances as Sid Lumet and Gene Tunney. Gavin Adams is remarkable as Monty Clift, veteran actor Michael Parť is sensational as the older Sid, while Eric Lutes is convincing as Richard Rodgers.

The entire cast is memorable, and compliments to Bruce Reisman for writing and directing such a solid and gripping film. Itís a movie that is sensual, witty, poignant, and it has a lot of heart. As Long As Iím Famous garners an A rating.

-- Review by Markos Papadatos, Digital Journal (http://www.digitaljournal.com)