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Saturday, July 1st

Upstairs at 8:30 PM

Wisconsin Pride
Pride - Trailer
Wisconsin Pride
(2023, 120 min)

Country: U.S.

Creative Director: Jon Hornbacher

Studio: PBS Wisconsin

Language: English


"Wisconsin Pride" invites us to witness our state’s history through a new lens. This two-hour documentary brings hidden LGBTQ+ stories to the foreground and reconsiders the long narrative of Wisconsin in light of the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ people in our state. The documentary is a groundbreaking collaboration between PBS Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

LGBTQ+ history is Wisconsin history. Learn about trailblazing Wisconsinites who – facing intolerance, cisgender heterosexism and transphobia – responded by forming community, chosen family, living authentically, and fighting for their rights. In a word: manifesting pride..


The film demonstrates how diversity in sexual orientation, gender identity and expression are a broadly shared part of the human experience. It tells stories of Indigenous two-spirit people prior to and after European settler colonization and Wisconsin statehood, and continues through the 19th and 20th centuries — exploring how forward-looking Wisconsinites challenged LGBTQ+ harassment and injustice in visionary ways, long before LGBTQ+ activism reached the national stage.

"Wisconsin Pride" features and celebrates R. Richard Wagner’s work as a historian and author. Wagner, who passed away in 2021, was a beloved activist, gay rights leader, elected official and public servant who worked for the state of Wisconsin for 33 years. His two-volume history from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press — "We’ve Been Here All Along: Early Gay History in Wisconsin" and "Coming Out, Moving Forward: Wisconsin’s Recent Gay History" — provides guidance and inspiration for the program.

-- About The Documentary, PBS Wisconsin (http://www.pbswisconsin.org)