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Saturday, June 3rd

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Trailer - Audition

2017, 120 min

Country: U.S.

Studio: TitanMen

Director: Jasun Mark


He has what it takes: The smile. The muscles. The dick. All he needs is that big break to get into the biz. Thankfully for Liam Knox, a chance encounter gets him an audition.


On his run, shirtless beefcake Liam jogs by a familiar stranger: Dirk Caber, home from his workout. Dirk motions Liam to follow him to the back of the house. Their foreheads meet, hands roaming each other. Dirk grips the growing bulge in Liamís shorts and releases it, rubbing his stubbly face on it. He sucks Liam to the root, smiling up at him. Liam fucks his face, shouting "Gimme that fucking tongue!" as Dirk licks his sac. Dirk goes up for a kiss, licking Liamís pit. ("Get in there! Taste that sweat!") Dirkís throbber pops out in Liamís face, the sucker flexing as Dirk marvels "Look at the size of those arms!" In the bedroom, Dirk munches on Liamís jock ass. Liamís cock pulses as Dirk slides inside, the top feeding his thumb to the hungry bottom. Liam plows Dirk from behind, his bubble butt rippling. Dirk gets on his back and grunts as he gets rammed, their hands clasped. Dirkís boner shakes as he gets it hard, his cock soon covered in cum.

During a photoshoot, director Jasun Mark snaps away at Dallas Steele and Alex Mecum. They catch the attention of guests Dirk and new buddy Liam, who wants to break into porn. The nervous newbie needs some inspiration, so the director incites a four-way suck to relax him - then kicks the new arrivals out so Dallas and Alex can get to work. The two kiss, their boners poking each other. Dallas goes down on the stud, the breathless sucker coming up for air: "Thatís a lotta cock!" Alex sucks the daddy back: "Thatís so big!" he says with a smile. They kiss, stroking their cocks together to compare sizes. Dallas reaches for the suckerís tight ass, spreading his cheeks. He eats Alex and sucks him from behind, then fucks him doggie style. ("Fuck, youíre so big!") Dallas offers his hole: "Bury that fucking cock in me!" The bottomís big dick bounces as he gets it from behind. He turns over, Alexís beast disappearing as his tight, sweaty body gyrates. The two shoot, Dallas shouting "Oh fuck! Wow!" as Alex unleashes a gusher. The top rubs his hands in it, feeding them to Dallas as a final kiss closes it out.

To prep for his first shoot, Liam heads to the home of Jesse Jackman to break the ice - and the two realize theyíve met before. "That was one of the best weekends of my life," smiles Liam, the two soon locking lips, their foreheads touching as they stare deeply into each otherís eyes. Liam drops down to release Jesseís monster cock, taking it deep as spit clings to the shaft. Jesse pulls the sucker up for a kiss, cocks and foreheads touching again. Jesse bends down, Liamís boner sliding on his furry muscle pecs. Liam moans "That feels so fucking good!" as Jesse sucks him back. Jesse eats Liamís hairy hole, getting him to beg for it: "I want you in me!" Liam gets fucked on his back ("Oh God... so fucking big!"), moaning as he gets it deep. They flip positions, Jesseís boner pulsing as he gets slammed. The bottomís eyes roll up in his head, Liam stroking Jesse as he fucks him. They release their loads, Jesse rubbing it into Liamís hot bod.

Review by TitanMen (www.titanmen.com)