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Saturday, April 20th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

The Beach House
The Beach House

2023, 178 min

Country: U.S.

Studio: Raging Stallion

Director: Steve Cruz


With fall just around the corner, the rugged men of Raging Stallion must make every second of summer count as they head out to their favorite east coast getaway - The Beach House. There, eight friends unwind as they enjoy a week of relaxation, fun in the sand, and most important, non-stop sex on the shore of Myrtle Beach. While some get their own rooms, others choose to share - like Drew Valentino, for example. He's bunking with hairy daddy Cole Ryan and starting each day by swallowing down Cole's throbbing morning wood. During the afternoons, Nicholas Ryder and Heath Halo have been bonding over their mutual love of fishing, while Tryp Bates and Caden Jackson strip off their shirts to soak up some rays on the beach. The never-ending outdoor adventures and bareback fun doesn't seem to tire these virile men out, though. Always ready for their next nut, Beau Butler, Ryder Flynn, Cole, and Heath can't even sit down to watch TV without breaking into a muscled-up foursome that ends with Beau drowning in ropes and ropes of his friends' fresh nut.


When the air starts turning cooler and the sun fades earlier in the day, the muscle-clad bears in Raging Stallionís The Beach House turn to each other for that last bit of summer fun. And we donít mean frolicking in the waves of Myrtle Beach, where this gorgeous flick was shot! Directed by Steve Cruz, itís just gorgeous furry beef in a gorgeous setting doing gorgeous things to each otherís bodies

The action starts with daddy bear Cole Ryan and Drew Valentino, two versatile studs who flip-fuck for the gods when they wake up early and dive right into their morning wood. Ryanís cock is nicely long enough but itís the girth of his shaft that is so impressive. Equally impressive is Valentinoís ability to shove it all down his hungry throat before they take to invading each otherís hairy assholes. These men set a high bar for the rest to follow as they mix tender playfulness with animalistic hedonism as they impale each other on their throbbing poles, fill their mouths, and feast on every sweaty, furry corner of their bodies before Valentino licks up both of their cum loads off Ryanís rock-hard abs.

Nicholas Ryder and Heath Halo bring the Southern, blue-collar charm as they dig into each other after an unsuccessful fishing venture. Ryder becomes especially sub-worthy to Haloís slightly domineering posture, with his hands at Ryderís neck as they kiss and when heís fucking the holy hell out of him. They trade greedy BJs before Ryder is bent over the kitchen table and rammed mercilessly. Then itís to a chair where Ryder rides Halo backwards, grinding down hard until heís shooting ropes of jizz onto the floor. When he goes to his knees, heís rewarded with a scruffy face and droopy mustache dripping with hot spunk.

Tryp Bates and Caden Jackson finish washing up and playfully kissing in the outdoor shower when they retire to the bedroom for a round of relentless fucking. Bates is a ripped muscle-bear, thick with well-defined muscles that drive every hump and pump from his thighs and ass, through his gorgeous cock, and deep into Jacksonís eager, spread asshole. The younger cub can take everything his top dishes out, and when heís power-fucked until his jizz is spewing, he then takes Batesís load over his balls and back into his gaping hole for a bit of breeding.

Cole Ryan, Beau Butler, Ryder Flynn, and Heath Halo finish things out with an hour-long series of group and duos that are simply stunning in their variations and levels of masculinity on display. As a group, they paw and kiss before mutual throat-stuffing commences. While they all get a piece of each other, itís mostly Butler and Halo focussing on each other while Ryan and Flynn pair up. This oral action breaks into those two pairs separating themselves for a round of ass-slamming fun. Halo rides Butler in a cowboy that winds up with his taut cheeks banged and bred, while the older/younger duo of Ryan and Flynn look cute as hell as Flynn takes the older manís thick slab.

With their energy still raging, they come back together as a group bear hug/fuck as Butler and Flynn take Ryan and Haloís ramming rods respectively, standing up and leaning into each other for support. Breaking this up, Butler becomes everyoneís cum-dump as one after another they cram his crack with cock, blowing loads on his balls before breeding him with their dripping shafts. Itís a sweaty exultation of manly fun that will drain the viewer as well as it drained the performers.

Reviewed by Hank Orso, Fleshbot (https://gay.fleshbot.com/)