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Saturday, June 17th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Trailer - Beards

2017, 150 min

Country: U.S.

Studio: TitanMen

Director: Jasun Mark


Weíve all experienced the casual but undeniable sexual energy of a barber shop. One man giving up a bit of control while the other serves him. The unspoken give and take.


Tattooed, red-headed Bennett Anthony trims the hair and beard of the muscular Micah Brandt. A simple trim becomes a real sexual give and take as the two enjoy a flip-fuck right in the barberís chair. Micah pays Bennett back by leaning down to suck Bennettís hard dick. Yes, heís got red hair everywhere. Bennett, pants still around his knees, drops to pull out Micahís big, hard dick and sucks him back. Trading of blowjobs becomes trading of rim jobs and Micah buries his face in Bennettís ass and Bennett returns the favor before hopping up on Micahís dick and sliding his ass down on it. The sexual chemistry between these men is undeniable. Seeing Micahís thick hard dick slamming into Bennettís asshole is something you wonít want to miss. When itís time to switch positions, the two men are uncontrollable. Micah cums twice before blowing a big third load with Bennettís dick buried in his hole. Bennett hops up on Micahís chest and blows his own load right into Micahís face and the two finish off swapping spit and cum.

An afternoon haircut and beard trim turns into some heavy action for the next two edgy, scruffy men. Damien Michaels, the tattooed, ginger barber finishes work on the ruggedly handsome Tex Davidson and decides to get to work on Texís big, thick, hard dick. Getting to his knees at the foot of the barberís chair, Damien sucks Tex to the hilt. Gasping for air, choking on its thickness. Damien keeps Tex on the edge, moaning for more. Tex stands him up and pulls Damienís hard dick from his pants to suck it before turning him around, bending him over the chair and fucking him right there. Damienís hole stretches to fit Texís girth. Itís a tight fit but Damien takes it like a boss, all the way in. Wanting to pound it out a bit more, Tex moves Damien to a nearby window bench and, in full view of the neighbors, sits Damien down on his dick for another round of pounding. Back to the chair, this time with Damien with both his legs in the air, getting his hole pounded as he grunts and shouts for more. The thickness and full inches of Texís dick gets buried deep in Damienís hole until neither can take any more and both blow big loads all over Damienís hairy abs. All in a dayís work at the barber shop.

A day at the barber turns into a hot sex on the barberís chair when hairy, hunky Adam Ramzi gets a trim from the ripped and ready Mitch Vaughan. With the sounds of the busy city just outside, the two men explore each otherís bodies in this sweat-and-muscle bound scene. Mitch drops to his knees and blows Adam right in the chair. Adamís uncut dick is dripping pre-cum and throbbing as Mitch buries his face in Adamís crotch. Switching places, Adam gets Mitch into the chair and gives his hard dick some attention before turning him around and giving his asshole a tongue lashing. After fucking him in the barber chair, Adam moves Mitch to the floor where he lets him have a stiff fuck from behind. Mitchís ripped body pulses each time Adam rams his dick into his hole. Moving back to the chair, Mitch lays on his back and blows a big load while Adam fucks his hole. Some cum swapping puts the perfect end on this hot scene.

A day at the barber becomes more than either man bargained for when muscle stud Bruce Beckham gets a shave from the handsome and ripped Alex Mecum. Unable to keep their hands off each other, the two men lose the trimmer, lose their pants and lose their inhibitions as they get into action right there on the barberís chair. Alex goes down first, engulfing Bruceís huge dick in his mouth, somehow managing a big smile as he chokes and and gasps for air. Bruce canít wait to get his hands on Alexís hole and before long his face, tongue and then dick are buried in his muscular ass. "Your turn," Bruce says and the men switch positions, this time with Alex fucking Bruce as he reclines in the chair. Sliding in and out of Bruceís bubble butt, Alex keeps going down to kiss Bruce. The chemistry between these men is amazing and the action is off the chart. Getting fucked hard and steady, Bruce blows a big load, followed immediately by Alex and after a bit of cum swapping, the two men fall into a kiss and catch their breath.

Review by TitanMen (www.titanmen.com)