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Saturday, January 21st

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Beefy Dudes
Beefy Dudes

2022, 151 min

Country: United States

Studio: Sean Cody

Director: Sean Cody


Sean Cody presents Beefy Dudes featuring Deacon, Bysen, Sean, Jack, Brogan, Levi, Clyde, Phillip, and Brayden.


Deacon & Clyde: Bareback:
Clyde explains why it's such a big day today in the Sean Cody studio: "I'm making my bottoming debut." He's paired with Deacon, who's glad he gets to be the first to top Clyde on camera. "I'm excited to be fuckin' this beautiful Texan boy. I do love my all-American football guys." It's hard to say which of these hunks is more into the other as they compliment each other's muscles, kissing each other's chests, before Clyde sucks Deacon's cock.

Sean & Phillip: Bareback:
Phillip is stoked for his first-ever sex scene, especially since he's paired with Sean, because he's into big dicks. Sean is happy to hear that Phillip loves not only getting fucked but also sucking massive cocks, but can he deepthroat? Phillip promises he can, adding, "I can really show you better than telling." Sean replies, "Well, if you can, you're the top of the list. No one's been able to do this."

Jack & Brayden: Bareback:
The desert heat gets Jack and Brayden hot and bothered as they work out in the scrublands amid wildflowers and cacti, so they have to head back to the house where they can get it on. Brayden wants muscular top Jack's cock and wastes no time getting on his knees for a blowjob before Jack bends him over to penetrate his tight hole.

Brogan & Levi: Bareback:
"If I get this, you have to suck my dick," Brogan says, tossing the fateful pencil that finally lands in the glass. Their other attempts may have fallen short or gone wide, but this one hits its target, and Levi knows what he has to do. "I guess that's a deal!" he says with a grin. The guys kiss passionately, stripping each other on the bed, and Levi takes care of his wager the best way he knows how.

Levi & Brysen: Bareback:
Brysen's excited to be back in the Sean Cody studio with new model Levi, and although they start out with some soft and tender cuddling, things soon start to heat up. Since he was last with us, Brysen's been taking lots of bike rides... and other rides too. "Fucking my boyfriend a lot, or getting fucked by my boyfriend a lot, that's my best hobby." Tall, muscular, and bearded Levi has a blue steel gaze guaranteed to make you melt, and he's always down for some fun. "I like all the dicks," he laughs.

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