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Saturday, May 21st

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Bel Ami X Sean Cody
Bel Ami X Sean Cody

2021, 117 min

Country: Czech Republic / Spain

Studio: Bel Ami

Director: Alter Sin


Prepare yourself for a monumental gay porn event. Erotic gay studio giants BelAmi and Sean Cody have teamed up for this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration, shot on location in a stunning villa in Spain by award-winning director Alter Sin. BelAmi X Sean Cody showcases some of each legendary studio's most popular performers in eye-and-cock-popping action.

Brace yourself as BelAmi beauties Ashton Montana, Bart Cuban, Ethan O'Pry, Jim Durden, Tom Houston, and Yannis Paluan join with sexy Sean Cody stars Asher, Deacon, Justin, and Manny. In addition to five cum-filled show-stopping scenes, the film culminates in a mind-blowing orgy featuring all ten studs. Yes, yes, yes! You'll quickly realize that BelAmi X Sean Cody is the gay porn collaboration of the decade.


Your favorite Sean Cody models are taking a dream trip to Spain, and they’re sharing a stunning villa with some of Europe’s hottest men, the guys of BelAmi!

Episode 1: The hunky Europeans greet their new American friends with hugs and kisses over the dinner table, and the guys pose together for photos. The next morning, Justin decides to take an early swim, and Tom from BelAmi admires his form in his skin-tight bathing suit. The guys start kissing and suck each other’s cocks in the courtyard, then Tom rims Justin. Tom may not speak much English, but he understands as Justin says “Don’t stop” while the top fucks him doggystyle. “Come to me,” says Tom as he penetrates the bearded bottom in missionary, then leans in for a sultry kiss before Justin deepthroats his cock. The bottom rides Tom reverse, stroking himself till he cums, then gets ready for a nice morning facial.

Episode 2: Three of the BelAmi guys are chilling by the pool when they notice Sean Cody hunk Manny sitting and watching Jim. Jim swims over, and Manny asks, “How’s the water?” “The water’s good, but you’re better,” is the Euro cutie’s flirty reply. Manny pulls Jim out of the pool so he can admire his muscular body the way Jim’s been looking at him, and the guys kiss before heading upstairs together for some privacy. They shuck off their swimsuits and kiss passionately, sucking each other’s cocks, then Jim tongues Manny’s hole. When the American bottom is nice and ready, Jim eases into him doggystyle! Jim shows Manny how they do it in Europe as he pounds him in missionary, then tells the American to ride him. Manny follows Jim’s instructions so well, he blows a huge load, then eagerly sucks Jim’s cock until the Euro stud cums on his face!

Episode 3: Today it’s Asher’s turn to hook up with one of the BelAmi hotties, and he’s got his eye on one in particular! He looks around for tall blond hunk Ashton, eventually finding him reading on the stairs. “I think you have other things to do,” he flirts, taking the book out of the twink’s hands before kissing him. The guys find some privacy to suck and rim each other, then Ashton fucks Asher doggystyle. The Euro cutie wants his turn bottoming too, and after swallowing Asher’s cock some more, he gets on all fours to take the American’s dick. The guys cum together as Asher pounds Ashton’s hole in missionary, then embrace in the light of a Barcelona sunset. Another perfect day!

Episode 4: As all the Sean Cody and BelAmi guys gather around the outdoor dinner table, Deacon’s gaze keeps coming back to cute brunette twink Yannis. Their flirty eye contact grows more intense, and when Yannis gets up, Deacon follows. Inside, Yannis immediately sucks the top’s cock on a chaise, and Deacon rims the bottom, then fucks him doggystyle. Deacon penetrates the twink in missionary, then Yannis asks, “Can I ride you now?” “Get up here!” the top replies eagerly, enjoying the view of Yannis’s tight ass bouncing on his cock. Yannis cums as Deacon pounds his hole, then takes a hot facial.

Episode 5: One guy is notably missing from the table in the beautiful villa courtyard: Justin, who’s taking a soak in the tub inside. Cute BelAmi twinks Ethan and Bart Cuban go looking for him. “We love baths,” they tell him as they walk in, so Justin asks, “You guys wanna join?” The Euro hunks slip off their shirts and kiss the bearded American, stroking his big dick. Everyone gets a turn to fuck as first Ethan and Bart take turns penetrating Justin while he sucks their cocks, then Justin fucks Bart doggystyle as the dark-haired stud sucks Ethan. Ethan watches, stroking himself, as Justin rides Bart, then Bart rides Ethan as Justin cums on his chest, and Justin and Bart share Ethan’s load.

Episode 6: The Sean Cody guys have had a fantastic experience in Spain, sharing this stunning home, delicious meals, and extremely hot sex with their BelAmi hosts, but unfortunately, their trip is drawing to a close. Asher proposes a toast, and Deacon and Manny join him in raising their glasses to the hospitality BelAmi’s shown them, as Yannis, Tom, Jim, and Ashton toast their guests! The guys want some dessert, so they head inside, and Bart, watching from an upstairs window, comes out to follow them as the horny Americans and gorgeous Europeans celebrate their last night the best way they know how. Not only does the formal dining table seat a crowd, it can even hold eight guys sucking each other’s cocks and rimming each other’s holes… and a whole lot of cum too!

-- Review in Fagalicious, Comments by Sean Cody (https://fagalicious.com/)