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Saturday, June 4th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

It's Complicated
It's Complicated

2021, 128 min

Country: U. S.

Studio: Falcon Studios

Director: Steve Cruz


Between apps and dating services, and the variety of relationships and sexual dynamics that are popular today, saying that It's Complicated trying to find chemistry and love is truly an understatement. Captured by award-winning director Steve Cruz, these eleven studs are all on their own journey to find someone who fulfills their specific needs and satisfies their intense sexual appetites. In this world that's full of awkward first dates, confusing relationship dynamics, and mind blowing hookups that make it all worthwhile, it's pretty safe to say It's Complicated. When Devin Franco thinks that he's found the real thing with Gabriel Nogueira, he invites his potential new boyfriend over to watch a movie. Predictably, the movie becomes the last thing on their minds as Devin pulls down his grey sweatpants to expose his hard dick.

When Vincent O'Reilly won't look up from his phone on a date, a disgruntled JJ Knight throws the cell to the side, pulls out his curved XXL cock, and gives the young man something else he devote all of his attention to. Evan Knoxx is always roughhousing with his sister's ex-boyfriend, but his latest wrestling match with hunk Roman Todd is the first one that's ever ended with both of them completely naked, fucking, and shooting loads together. After a great first date with David Zayn, an excited Reign invites the stud back to his place. Both quickly undress and Reign ends the perfect date by cumming all over David's naked and exposed body. Ian Greene and Jordan Starr want more to their relationship than just traditional monogamy and they've found it with the addition of Shae Reynolds. The young and hung stud loves getting to bareback both of these daddies, and he always leaves the couple satisfied, drained, and stretched out beyond their wildest dreams.


“It’s Complicated” is a hot new release from Falcon Studios and award-winning director Steve Cruz that brings the struggles of love and lust to every scene with the studio’s renowned blend of heat and humor, starring eleven of the world’s most gorgeous and sexually charismatic men.

Whether they’re young or mature, people who are dating or just hooking up these days will often find that “complicated” is the most accurate word to describe their quest for someone who’s compatible with their desires and needs.

Gorgeous top Devin Franco has high hopes for a movie night at home with Gabriel Nogueira (a cute Brazilian bottom in his first Falcon production). Of course, the movie isn’t the point, as they both know by the fact that Devin is wearing those telltale grey sweatpants when he answers the door. As the movie plays, the guys playfully make out on the couch. Devin exposes Gabriel’s tan-lined ass and rims him. When Devin pulls his pants down, his dick is throbbing, and Gabriel’s hole is twitching in anticipation. Devin pushes into Gabriel for a powerful, sensual fuck that begins in doggy, transitions smoothly into ass-to-mouth, and continues into more positions that take them off the couch and onto the floor. Gabriel might end up with rugburn on his shoulders and face, but it won’t matter when his ass is so satisfied. After Devin pops on Gabriel’s ass, he generously finishes Gabriel off with a blowjob.

JJ Knight is a handsome fan favorite, an absolute dream top for many porn viewers, and yet he can’t get young Vincent O’Reilly to put his phone away. Finally, JJ tosses Vincent’s phone and gives the bottom his dick instead. JJ has more than nine inches of entertainment for this short-attention-span boy. The date takes a more interactive turn at that point, including some satisfying 69 and ass eating. JJ gives Vincent a pounding to remember and sensually licks the cum off the twunk’s tattooed torso afterward.

Athletic top Roman Todd takes the playful wrestling that he’s often had with caramel-skinned twink Evan Knoxx to a new level. It was always a way for them to flirt when Roman was dating Evan’s sister, but now it’s time for Evan to find out what this muscular top can really do with those muscles. Evan wears a jock strap at first, but Roman soon stuffs it in the twink’s mouth while rimming that little hole, spit-lubing it. After loosening up Evan’s ass with his fingers, Roman slides in there for a hot fuck in doggy, cowboy, side saddle, piledriver, and more.

Gorgeous, athletic Black stud Reign (one of Falcon|NakedSword’s newest exclusives) is a romantic, the kind of guy who brings flowers for his date. Things go well with David Zayn (a fun-sized multi-ethnic bottom who’s even newer to the business than Reign), so Reign brings him home to give the date a perfect conclusion. Reign’s tall, muscular frame and David’s compact but also muscular body work together, not just because of their obvious enjoyment but also on a visually appealing level. After cumming all over David, Reign rubs his cock sensually against David’s and it’s so hot we can’t stop thinking about it.

Ian Greene and Jordan Starr are a couple of daddies who have found a great way to spice up their relationship: regular threesomes with Shae Reynolds, a younger man who loves to give both of their asses a raw pounding with his big dick. These three relative newcomers to the porn world bring the movie to an exciting finish.

Whether you’re single or partnered up for the V-Day weekend, we think it’s a perfect way to inspire some lusty activities.

-- Review in Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (https://gayblog.aebn.net/)