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Saturday, September 1st

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Daddy It Hurts!

2011, 84 min

Country: U.S.

Studio: Catalina

Director: Chi Chi LaRue


Gay pornstar muscle daddy Spencer Reed is horned up and hungry for hot tender holes and stiff throbbing cocks in the highly-sexual Daddy It Hurts. Exploring the taboo topic of "daddy and son" relationships, the movie fits in seamlessly alongside the rest of the fabled and legendary Catalina Video library. Spencer takes a cast of stars and new favorites through their paces, including Aron Ridge, David Chase, and Alessio Romero - all cumulating in a spectacular boy-man orgy that will have you blowing buckets. The beefy-boned studs in Daddy It Hurts are primed for some rigorous ass-screwing."


Fads come and go, and while the twin-cest rampage from a couple of years ago comes to a quiet end, dad-son role play in porn films has emerged. Earlier in 2012 I reviewed Dad Goes to College, which ends with "son" Connor Habib fucking and getting fucked by his "dad" Allen Silver, and now we have Daddy It Hurts, an insanely awesome fuck film jam-packed with hot guys, terrific performances, and enough role play and fantasy to make both of your heads spin.

The film begins with Spencer Reed, dressed in a dress shirt and slacks, telling a client on the phone that he's the "Big Daddy" and if an order isn't filled then cancel it. Blond twink Cole Harvey is sitting on the other side of his desk and Reed asks how his dad is. Then, out of the blue, he asks if Cole ever sucked his dad's cock. Harvey has the look of "What the fuck?" on his face, and Reed then orders Harvey to climb under the desk and suck him. He's not kidding, and Harvey realizes it, so he does as instructed and rubs his face all over Reed's crotch. Reed's rugged charisma, body hair and monster build give him that daddy-type of look. He's more believable as a daddy than he is an older brother in this role play scenario, and Harvey does a great job playing his "boy." I expected this to be all about Harvey following orders, but it's not. Harvey sucks, licks and pleases Reed's thick cock as if his life depended on it, but at the time he sucks it like it's a tasty ice cream cone. Reed takes Harvey off his cock so he can taste the twink's thick cock, and not only does he suck it, but like Harvey, he licks and savors it like a tasty twink treat.

Harvey goes back to sucking, and that's when Ricky Larkin walks by Reed's office, and peeks in. Reed invites him to join the fun, and the hairy and hung Larkin doesn't have to be asked twice. Immediately he's nude and Harvey does an excellent job going back and forth servicing both Reed and Larkin. Larkin and Reed let loose a stream of dirty talk that is intoxicating and guaranteed to throw you into the fantasy if you're not there yet. What makes this scene so fuckin' awesome is that the guys totally immerse themselves into their roles, they have incredible chemistry, and their actions and words aren't over-the-top or excessive, but just right. One of the best things about the entire film is that the performances don't go overboard. They take viewers to the edge, but the dirty talk and role play are just right.

Larkin and Reed trade turns fucking Harvey while Harvey sucks the one who isn't fucking him. Harvey takes both of their cocks like a champ, and in the end is rewarded with some heavy duty cumshots to end a scene that is not only heated, but satisfying for all.

The rest of the film is one big, long scene, and it's just as good as the previous one. Rock, Aron Ridge and David Chase are playing poker while Alessio Romero watches them. As the game goes on, Harvey and his buddy Alexander Greene come in. Greene asks which one is Harvey's dad, and he points Rock out. Suddenly Greene gets under the table and starts sucking Rock. Rock makes a terrific dad with his more mature, beefy, muscular look and thick cock. He tries not to make it obvious that Greene is sucking him, but soon the other guys catch on. The sex is thick in the air and everyone's libido is on extreme as the cast members start to kiss and caress each other while slowly taking their clothes off. Romero sucks Ridge, then Ridge turns and offers his cock to Rock, who happily licks and sucks it. The shots of Greene under the table are great, and director Chi Chi LaRue and her camera crew do an awesome job of not only capturing great angles, but also making sure the models are captured with equal time, making sure the audience is more than satisfied. Chase has been kissing Harvey's smooth body all over and then politely asks Rock, "Is it alright if I suck your son's dick?" He sucks it like a Hoover does the floor, and once everyone gets their fill of cocksucking, it's on to some heated rimming.

The boys, Greene and Harvey, are now on the table with Greene rimming his buddy while Romero hungrily rims and sucks Greene's hole and uncut cock. As always, Romero brings a hunger and devours the boy's hole and dick. Chase takes his turn to rim Harvey's smooth hole while dad Rock watches, stroking his cock. If you're hoping there's a moment where dad and son break the taboo, get ready and hold on to something. Rock pushes Chase aside and rims his son's smooth hole, asking him if he likes his dad's tongue up his butthole, and at that point I passed out. When I came to, I Greene was fucking Harvey, who is moaning in pure delight, while Chase jerks off, and Ridge and Romero continue sucking and playing with each other. Greene gets nasty and asks Rock, "You like watching me fuck your son Mr. Harvey?" to which Rock replies with a growling yes. Rock can't take it anymore and has to have a piece of his son, so he mounts his son who tells his loving father, "Daddy, it hurts so good!" With lines like this, and the models sticking to their roles and delivering a great role play session, the fantasy never stumbles or falters, but stays scorching hot, and in the end, makes this not only one of the best group scenes of the year, but one of the best films of the year.

I can't stress how awesome and hot Daddy It Hurts is. I do wish that Chase would've been fucked since his hole was teased by his costars, and I would like to have seen someone else besides Harvey fucked in the orgy scene, but those are minor complaints. The film is undeniably enjoyable and whenever you need a daddy-son role play fix, this will do it for you every time thanks to the cast and their striking performances.

--- Reviewed by Harley Shadow, XX Factor (http://www.xxfactor.com)