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Saturday, March 19th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Dirty 30 BB Birthday
Dirty 30 Bareback Birthday

2022, 146 min

Country: United States

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Director: Tony DiMarco


Turning the big 3-0 doesn't mean that you must leave behind all the bareback hookups and wild orgies from your 20s, and this Dirty 30 Bareback Birthday proves it. Award-winning director Tony Dimarco is bringing together eight insatiable hunks for a birthday bash where the dress code only requires you to wear your birthday suit and a face full of your best friend's fresh load. Beau Butler thinks that boyfriend Cole Connor is taking him away for a quiet couple of days filled with fro-yo and snuggles, but what he doesn't know is that all his best friends are waiting to surprise him with a cum-filled weekend getaway. Once every one of his friends has unloaded their balls on him, the extremely drained Beau exclaims that this Dirty 30 Bareback Birthday is officially the most satisfying party that he and his fat cock have ever had. Before anyone even has the chance to strip down, the party is crashed by stripper cops Jake Nicola and Lucca Mazzi. Having always wanted to fuck a cop, Austin Avery takes Jake away for an intense bareback fuck session that ends with Austin pushing a hot load of jizz out of his used hole.

Once Max Konnor and Cole successfully break off from the rest of the horned-up group, Cole manages the impossible by swallowing every last bit of his friend's mega-inch monster cock. Stripper cop Lucca is using both his police baton and hard cock to fill up the incredibly beefy ass of Beau. Once the birthday boy gets to riding the faux officer's meaty cock, it isn't long before he's shooting ropes all over Lucca's ripped abs. Reign is excited to finally become friends with benefits with Isaac X, and wastes no time stuffing all of his girthy inches into his pal's open mouth and thick ass. Once they're done with each other, Reign and Isaac go out to celebrate with birthday boy Beau. The hunks stuff him at both ends, give him a creamy facial, and breed him before Max, Cole, Austin, Jake, and Lucca all come out ready to add some extra coats of icing to Beau's cum-covered body.


Directed by the award-winning Tony Dimarco, "Dirty 30 Bareback Birthday" stars exclusives Beau Butler, Max Konnor, Cole Connor and Reign, with fan favorites Jake Nicola, Austin Avery, Lucca Mazzi and Isaac X. Muscle-bear Daddy Cole promises his newly-thirty BF Beau a quiet weekend away, but with so many hot friends in their circle, how could Cole not wanna make such an auspicious occasion something truly memorable? Luckily, the birthday boy jumps right into the shenanigans, and everyone is down for anything as the party heats up, the clothes come off, and pairing up commences before Beau is the center of everyone’s attention in a circle jerk that leaves Beau’s face covered in manly icing.

The surprise-party guests jump out much to Beau’s delight, and loud revelry ensues before two hot, beefy cops show up with a noise complaint. Jake and Lucca play their scene convincingly as they put Beau in cuffs much to the chagrin of the others partygoers. But the smile on Cole’s face reveals the cops true intention, and when they shove Beau to the couch and begin stripping, it turns into that kind of party! Soon everyone is shedding their clothes, and cocks start finding mouths to fill, and spread asses are getting tongues shoved in deep. Just as a party should turn out!

Hirsute cop stud Jake takes Avery upstairs for a bit of private time away from the steaming masses below, and the two engage in a torrid engagement that leaves Avery with a cum-filled colon. The two are well-paired being physically opposite; Avery is more lanky and smooth with fun-bro longish hair that the squatly muscular and gorgeously hairy Jake can grab hold of and pull back as he rams his nightstick deep in Avery’s thrusting asshole. He plows his new friend until he’s spewing his man-spray in Avery’s ass, and Avery, covered in sweat, lays back in greedy delight.

10-inch-swinging Max takes host Cole off to another room to plow some hole privately. The versatile Cole gets to display his slutty bottom side as he worships Max’s enormous meat, showing off his prodigious cock-sucking abilities as he takes the entirety of Max’s dick deep down his gullet in a deep-throating performance that will make you stand up and salute. The smile that spreads across Cole’s face when Max tongue-fucks him is infectious, and you can feel Cole’s hole stretching as Max slams him fast and hard, the sound of his balls hitting Cole’s ass cheeks filling the room.

Beau takes the other cop Lucca up to a bedroom where his “Fleshbot Gay 2021 Best Ass”-winning butt is violated by Lucca’s nightstick (not a euphemism!) before Lucca removes it and sticks in his own rock-hard fleshy nightstick (now it’s a euphemism.) Lucca’s broad-chested build and smoother skin is a nice offset to Beau’s furriness which gets matted down with the two studs’ cream.

Muscle god Reign and his buddy Issac X sneak off for a rendezvous in the bathroom that leaves the mirrors covered in steam. The two life-long friends take their friendship to a new level as Issac absolutely salivates all over Reign’s enormous manhood. While Issac might be a pro at taming a dangerous snake, what Reign offers up puts even Isaac up to a challenge. He gags delightfully as his throat is stuffed full of hard cock before he’s bent over the tub, gritting his teeth down as he eagerly lets Reign assault his backside. The two play a bit rough, with spitting and face slapping, all the while Isaac gets to the comfortable point of begging Reign for more, for harder, for deeper. It’s a sexually visceral scene that ends with Isaac’s face coated in thick jizz before he blows his own wad with Reign’s cock down his throat.

In a closer that’s a real stunner to behold, Beau becomes the center of everyone’s attention. He’s first taken at both ends by Reign laying pipe and breeding his hairy cheeks while Issac X creams his face, which is followed by the other guys stepping forward and jacking one hard piece of meat after another, spewing man-milk all over Beau’s upturned face and body like they’re a human Trevi Fountain and Beau is Audrey Hepburn on a Roman Holiday. Slurp!

-- Review in Cybersocket (https://cybersocket.com/)