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Saturday, July 1st

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Into The Blue
Trailer - Into The Blue
Into The Blue
(Falcon Pac 269)

2017, 100 min

Country: U.S.

Studio: Falcon Studios

Director: Tony DiMarco


Dive Into the Blue with a cadre of gorgeous men in a luxurious private pool. These studs are hot and as the temperature rises, so does their need for sexual satisfaction. Tony DiMarco directs seven toned, horny studs as they suck, rim fuck, and shoot enormous loads in and next to the stunning waters underneath the bright clear sky.

Seth Santoro shows off his oral skills with J.J. Knight's massive cock before J.J. pounds Seth's ass and delivers a load of cum to the face.

Topher DiMaggio's horseplay with Jeremy Spreadums leads to an intense fuck session in the soft green grass, and Topher shoots an epic load on Jeremy's muscular bubble butt. Ryan Rose and Seth trade head in the hot tub, and Ryan snowballs Seth's load back into his mouth. Brent Corrigan takes Topher's dick from both ends, then gets his chest covered with both their loads. Ryan spies Scott Riley's round bubble butt and can't resist putting his dick inside, pounding Scott's hole and putting a load in his mouth. For the hottest poolside sex with the sexieset men in the world, just take a deep breath and dive Into the Blue.


Underneath a bright clear sky, with palm fronds swaying in the breeze, Seth Santoro dives into the cool, blue waters of the swimming pool. His swimsuit shows off his smooth, toned body. JJ Knight lounges nearby, watching intently as Seth swims his laps. A bulge grows in JJís bathing suit that canít be contained: he whips out his hard cock and strokes it slowly, enticingly, waiting for Seth to notice. Slowly, Seth emerges from the pool, his own suit displaying the unmistakable outline of his boner. He walks toward JJ, bends forward, and wraps his lips around the sensitive tip of JJís cock head. As the sun shines on JJís abs, Seth works his way down JJís immense shaft, lubing it up with his spit. They strip and share a kiss before Seth turns around for JJ to rim his tight hole. Bending forward, Seth pushes his hairy ass into JJís face while sucking on JJís massive cock. Spinning around to face JJ, Seth sits down on JJís meat. As JJís cock stretches and fills Sethís hole, JJ begins thrusting up from below, pressing deep into Sethís most sensitive spots. Standing up, JJ fucks Seth from behind. As Seth braces himself against the lounge chair, JJ picks up speed, ramming his enormous meat into Sethís tight hole. Seth rolls on his back and raises his right leg to the sky, allowing JJís cock to penetrate deeper than ever. The sensation brings Seth to orgasm: jerking his cock, he shoots a massive, thick load across his furry stomach. JJ reaches for his cock and pumps out stream after stream of hot white cum right into Sethís face. Drenched in cum, Seth pulls JJ close and exchanges a tender, creamy kiss.

Topher DiMaggio is horsing around in the clear, blue pool with Jeremy Spreadums. Topher reaches around and pulls down the back of Jeremyís rainbow swimsuit, fingering his tight hole. Jeremy goes underwater, pulls down Topherís bathing suit, and gives an underwater blowjob. Coming up for air, Jeremy makes out with Topher while stroking Topherís hard cock. Exiting the pool, they move to a shady spot in the grass. Jeremy inhales Topherís massive cock to the base, slicking it up with his slippery saliva. Topher thrusts his hips, face fucking Jeremyís eager mouth. Topher spins Jeremy around and spreads his cheeks, delivering a deep, spit-fueled rim job. He teases Jeremyís ass with the tip of his cock, then thrusts inside. With Jeremyís legs in the air, Topher starts fucking him faster and faster underneath the warm sun. They move to a sitting position, with Jeremy using his muscular legs and thick glutes to raise and lower himself on Topherís towering cock. Rolling over to doggy style, Jeremy strokes his cock as Topher fucks him deeper and deeper. Rearing up on his knees, Jeremy rubs out a thick white load that splatters across the towel beneath them. Topher uses Jeremyís ass as a target for his epic load, shooting off a fountain of white cum. With their sexual needs satisfied, Topher and Jeremy jump naked into the pool together for a gleeful skinny dip.

Lounging by the pool, Brent Corrigan waits as Topher DiMaggio approaches. Topher knows what he wants and goes for it right away, wrapping his lips around Brentís thick cock. He sucks on Brentís balls and fingers Brentís tight hole. Standing up, Topher pulls out his meat and offers it to Brent to suck on. With his expert deep throating skills, Brent is eager and up to the task. Their toned bodies glisten under the warm sun as Brent gets on all fours and shows off his ass. Topher goes in for a rim job, slicking up Brentís tight ass with his spit. He pushes the saliva down Brentís hole with his thumb, then thrusts forward with his cock, penetrating Brentís ass. They move from doggy style to a sit fuck, with Brent riding Topherís hard meat. Brentís dick bounces against Topherís washboard abs. Brent starts jerking his cock in rhythm with Topherís thrusting, and he shoots an extra thick load across Topherís tanned, toned stomach. Topher picks Brent up and lays him down on his back. Stroking himself, Topher unleashes massive ropes of cum that splatter across Brentís muscular torso. They press their lips together in slow, passionate kisses, sinking down into the poolside lounge chair.

As Scott Riley approaches the pool, Ryan Rose lifts his sunglasses to get a better look at Scottís perky butt. As Scott swims back and forth in the cool, refreshing waters, Ryan rises from his chair and wades into the pool too. They immediately embrace and lock lips in a kiss. Ryanís hands move down to Scottís ass, pulling down his blue swimsuit to show the top of Scottís ass. Scott gropes Ryanís hard boner through his bathing suit. Pulling it down, Scott goes underwater to give Ryan a deep-throated blowjob. They kiss again passionately, and then Ryan leads Scott to the edge of the pool for more. Using his hand against the back of Scottís head, Ryan guides Scott up and down the length of his shaft. Thick trails of spit roll down Ryanís shaft as Scott swallows Ryanís meat to the base. Scott stand up in front of Ryan and Ryan pulls down Scottís suit. With Scott bent over the lounge chair, Ryan Spreadís Scottís fuzzy blond butt cheeks and rims his tight, pink hole. Eager for more, Ryan mounts Scott from behind and fucks him doggy style. They move to a sit fuck, and Scottís ass stretches around Ryanís huge cock. Using his muscular legs, Scott raises and lowers himself on Ryanís massive tool. Flipping Scott over, Ryan fucks him in missionary position until he canít hold back any longer. Ryan moves forward and blows his load right in Scottís open mouth. Jerking his hard cock, with the taste of Ryanís cum on his lips, Scott busts his nut on his blond treasure trail.

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