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Saturday, February 3rd

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Live Wired
Live Wired

2023, 132 min

Country: U.S.

Studio: NakedSword

Director: Jasun Mark & Marc MacNamara


The sexual energy is electric in Live Wired, a unique collection of hot hook-ups from lauded filmmakers Marc MacNamara and Jasun Mark. Luca del Rey headlines the series of sizzling vignettes, shot live in real time. These hunks are all raw, all real, and all fired up. Take Andre Donovan and Matty West, for example. They ride and slide until they both explode loads of creamy white jizz. Then, Danny Steele and Liam Hunt have a down-and-dirty bareback flip-fuck before insatiable bottom Beaux Banks gets his hole destroyed by muscle hunk Baxxx. Greg Riley is the next hirsute hottie to take some big dick as the gorgeous Ricky Roman gives him the pounding of a lifetime. This raw selection of scenes is topped off by Luca's sweaty and energetic versatile fuck with the ruggedly handsome Alpha Wolfe.


The sexual energy is electric in ‘Live Wired’, a unique collection of hot hook-ups from lauded filmmakers Marc MacNamara and Jasun Mark. These hunks are all raw, all real, and all fired up!

Scene 1: “Andre Donovan and Matty West – filmed live in New York City – can’t get enough of each other while doing a cam show for their fans! After Matty inhales Andre’s monster cock, he goes face-down/ass-up so Andre can spread his round cheeks and rim his hairless hole. Then, Matty kneels so Andre can face fuck him until he flips onto his back to get impaled by Andre’s bareback dick. Soon after, the two studs 69 until Andre splits Matty open with a sideways fuck. When Matty is ready to ride, he mounts Andre’s big dick while his own hard cock bounces with every thrust. Soon enough, Matty squirts onto his stomach before Andre repositions himself to unload right into Matty’s open mouth.”

Scene 2: “Danny Steele and Liam Hunt begin their live cam show with a hot make-out session until Liam feels an overwhelming need to get some bareback cock in his mouth. With Danny on his back, Liam takes every inch of Danny’s big dick between his lips until he’s ready to sit on Danny’s face, grinding his asshole into Danny’s nose and mouth. Danny puts Liam on his back, legs up, to continue feasting on Liam’s fuck slit, lubing him with spit so Liam can ride his hard cock. When Liam dismounts, he licks his own ass off Danny’s hog before ramming his dick into Danny’s mouth before some 69 action. Next, it’s Danny’s turn to get his hole filled, as Liam gives him a deep doggy-style drilling. When Liam then turns Danny onto his back, he pounds the handsome stud until he’s ready to shoot a massive load on Danny’s face and beefy pecs.”

Scene 3: “The live-action between hottie Beaux Banks and built newcomer Baxxx starts with a sexy ice-breaker chat, but it’s not long before Beaux is on his knees giving Baxxx’s big dick the sucking of a lifetime. Naturally, Baxxx is eager to return the favor by putting Beaux on his back and spreading his legs wide for a deep rim job. Then, it’s ass-up for Beaux as Baxxx slams his cock right into Beaux’s tight asshole and pounds him like it’s his last fuck ever. It’s never enough for Beaux, though, so when Baxxx lies on his back, Beaux mounts his stiff bareback dick and rides before taking Baxxx’s wet dick back into his mouth. Watching Beaux taste his own hole has Baxxx shooting jizz all over Beaux’s beautiful face while Beaux jerks his own dick to a more than satisfying ending.”

Scene 4: “After answering some fun and flirty interview questions, handsome stud Greg Riley gets on his knees to service Ricky Roman’s thick cock with his wide-open mouth. When Greg hops onto the bed on all-fours, though, Ricky redirects his attention to eating Greg’s warm and hairy manhole. Then, after they 69, Ricky flips Greg onto his back and slams his bareback dick right up Greg’s chute. When Ricky pulls out, Greg shoots his huge load onto his own stomach before Ricky adds to the puddle on Greg’s furry belly.”

Scene 5: “Falcon | NakedSword exclusive Luca Del Rey and the gorgeous Alpha Wolfe finish a revealing interview before Alpha begins sucking Luca’s rock-hard dick. Then, when Luca bends over the back of the couch, Alpha dives in tongue-first, his hearty beard tickling Luca’s heavenly hole. With Luca’s manhole wet and sloppy, Alpha pushes his hairy bareback cock into Luca’s guts doggy-style. Next, holding onto the arm of the couch, Luca stands and bends over so Alpha can continue the rough pounding. Still hungry for more, Alpha lies back on the sofa so Luca can climb onto his big dick and ride before revisiting an all-fours position. Luca, ever the porn superstar, next wants to get some ass of his own. He throws Alpha on his back and pushes his cock deep into Alpha’s fuzzy ass. After Alpha licks the taste of his own hole off Luca’s cock, the two trade rim jobs before Alpha slides his dick into Luca’s ass one last time until both shoot simultaneously. The cherry on top? Luca spreads his cheeks and pushes Alpha’s dripping nut out of his battered fuck hole

-- Reviewed by NakedSword Originals (https://fagalicious.com/)