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Saturday, December 18th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Tales From The Locker Room 1
Tales From The Locker Room 1

2020, 103 min

Country: United States

Studio: Falcon Studios

Director: Chi Chi LaRue


Ripe jocks, musky socks and throbbing cocks are all part of the supercharged sports fantasy Tales from the Locker Room. In this bareback gym fuck fest directed by award-winner Chi Chi LaRue, there's nothing like the distinctive scent and manly aroma of an all-male sports facility. Eight ripped athletes make up this stunning cast to play out every guy's secret fantasy of being seduced by the coach or dribbling the balls of hot teammates. Remember, if you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter and take one for the team in Falcon's "Tales from the Locker Room".

Sexy young twink Avery Jones can't believe his luck at landing a dream job as a towel boy where he steals musky socks and funky jocks from the laundry, till he gets caught by coach Dillon Diaz who has a pouch bulging with a giant schlong. Team doctor Julian Grey checks out star player Matt Lockwood for injuries while Matt checks out the doc's crotch, then Matt gets rimmed, pounded and creampied on the locker room floor. Devin Franco is a young DILF who demands coach Jesse Zeppelin give his son more game time, but this proud dad is a pushy power bottom who sees the real action in coach's office. Kirk Cummings and Taylor Reign are two horny athletes who sneak into the gym after hours to perv out on sniffing dirty jockstraps and getting themselves so hot and bothered they suck and bareback fuck right there on the bench.


Nearly a year after her directorial debut, Chi Chi LaRue returns to Falcon Studios to deliver "Tales From the Locker Room". The series opener stars Matt Lockwood, a star basketball player who has a history of leg injuries (notice he's posing with a baseball bat, oops!) He goes to see team doctor, Julian Grey, who seduces the sportsman right there in the locker room.

Julian Grey is superb. He's handsome with a gorgeous body and a big dick. Unfortunately, he's fucking Lockwood who delivers a painful loud performance with hackneyed dirty talk. Good grief, some guys just shouldn't be allowed to talk in pornos. But Lockwood's just getting start so hopefully someone will give his acting chops a work over.

Tales From the Locker Room stars Dillon Diaz, Avery Jones, Julian Grey, Matt Lockwood, Devin Franco, Jesse Zeppelin, Kirk Cummings and Taylor Reign.

-- Review by GayDemon (http://wwww.gaydemon.com)