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Saturday, August 18th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Loved Fucked
Loved Fucked

2018, 81 min

Country: Italy

Studio: Lucas Kazan

Director: Ettore Tosi


Lucas Kazan Productions kicks off its 20th anniversary with “Loved Fuck,” filmed on location in Milan, Italy. The release has five scenes starring Rhys Jagger and Ariel Vanean on loan from BelAmi; LK Italian exclusives Marco, Fabio and Leonardo Ricci and Spanish performers Hector DeSilva and Robbie Rojo. "On our 20th birthday," producer Lucas Kazan said, "we celebrate the thrill of falling in love and ponder over the inevitable betrayals — with a touch of humor."


I love you. No matter what, remember I'll always love you. Guest star Rhys Jagger vows endless love for Hector De Silva. They make a toast and celebrate in the bedroom, flick fucking each other. Just how long endless really is? A dream come true, says director Ettore Tosi: Tall, handsome, hung Rhys -- on loan from Bel Ami -- and fan favorite Hector! With this Loved Fucked mini-series, we all enjoyed playing with a bit of story-telling and character development, for a change. Featuring Rhys Jagger, Hector De Silva.

When the cat's away...Rhys, who vowed endless love, wastes no time fooling around with a trick (LK exclusive Leonardo Ricci). Too bad Hector comes back home unexpected and catches them fucking on the couch. Whereas part 1 was all about a romantic connection, says director Ettore Tosi, Part 2 is about...big dicks, Rhys' and Leonardo's. And the pounding.. Featuring Leonardo Ricci, Rhys Jagger.

In the finale, Hector takes revenge and fucks Leonardo behind Rhys' back: same guy, same couch. But he can't help thinking of Rhys' broken promises: Remember I'll always love you. Did he ever mean it? Featuring Leonardo Ricci, Hector De Silva

Review by Cocksucker Videos (http://cocksuckervideos.com)