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Saturday, February 18th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Last Summer in Greece
Trailer - Last Summer in Greece
Last Summer in Greece

2016, 117 min

Country: Greece, Czech Republic

Studio: Bel Ami

Director: Marty Stevens


Bel Ami returns to the Greek islands for one of their most-passionately sexy films to date. Revel in the beauty of some of the studio's most breathtaking models as they frolic, frottage and fuck their foreskins raw for days on end. George Duroy & Co.'s Last Summer in Greece is an extraordinary all-bareback modern masterstroke(r) you simply must see.


Last Summer in Greece is the latest feature by Marty Stevens. It is the tale of BelAmi’s three Musketeers and their adventures on the sun drenched island of Mykonos. They start upon their arrival to the island and what they see will set the tone of their entire stay. Helmut, Hoyt, and Jerome are wandering along the beach and stumble upon a bevy of Greek gods playing around on the beach. Intrigued and amazed by what they see, they decide to stick around and see how the game will end. After watching the six Greek Gods in their orgy, Helmut, Hoyt, and Jerome are so horny that they have to head off to find a place where they can exercise out all their built up energies. It is Jerome’s turn to bottom for his buddies.

Torsten Ullman makes his appearance, when he catches the roving eyes of Hoyt Kogan while the boys are sunbathing. Thinking on his feet, Hoyt has to quickly come up with a plan to get rid of his buddies so that he can pursue the object of his desires alone. Luckily his simple ruse does the trick and he is left alone with his blond sailor. It wasn’t enough for Hoyt just to be fucked by Torsten; he needs to get to know his latest conquest in every way possible. They head back to Torsten’s place for some fun. Let the games begin.

Sometimes roaming around the streets at night is not a great idea for Hoyt; other times, like this evening it proves to be the best thing to do. After shopping for new outfits, Hoyt leaves Helmut and Jerome behind without their party clothes – whether through absent-mindedness or a subtle revenge for their hijacking of his romance with Torsten we may never know – and meets up with Adam Archuleta on the streets. It seems that no one is destined to end up at the party as Hoyt and Adam head back home for a very private party of their own instead.

As the boys’ trip nears its end, they seem to be hunting for new boys closer and closer to home. And you don’t get much closer than the sexy pool boy, Bastian. With naked boys lounging around the pool being nothing other than themselves, Luke comes in to spoil the fun with the mention of work. The only one who is actually keen to put in a few more hours is Orri, whose hand shoots up before the question is even finished. In truth he had less opportunities than the other guys because of his broken arm. Anyhow, Luke seems to take pity on him and pairs him up with Peter Annaud. All that pent up sexual energy really shows at the scene climax with Peter getting a great shock as Orri’s load comes shooting out straight towards his eye. Only some quick maneuvering gets him out of the way in time and in place to lick the remains of Orri’s satisfied dick.

Nick Young, XXX Reviews (www.nickyoungxxx.com)