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Saturday, June 1st

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

A Taste of Brazil
A Taste of Brazil

2018, 115 min

Country: United States

Studio: Falcon Studios

Director: Tony DiMarco


Savor A Taste of Brazil. Satisfy your every appetite for sun-kissed studs, riddled in abs and muscles and engaged in sexual fantasies as steamy and hot as a summer day in Rio de Janeiro. Director Tony Dimarco's A Taste of Brazil will transport you and feed your hunger for the finest ball-draining action around. Featuring eight of the sexiest men in gay porn today, including a few Brazilians and multiple newcomers, who all love to suck cock and fuck ass, A Taste of Brazil will thrill and delight.


This damn polar vortex can really make one crave some good Brazilian gay porn - warm weather, tan skin, beautiful beaches, and Brazilian uncut cock! Don't fear as director Tony Dimarco and Falcon Studios have told me to tell you to pack your bags and get ready for some surf, sand, sun and more importantly – some self-indulgent fun! Alexander Muller tops blonde bottom Alam Wernik, who always takes dick like a champ, Joaquim Cruze tops Skyy Knox, then Danny Montero blows Joaquim Cruze's uncut meat, Johnny V. rides Remy Cruze, and finally Woody Fox tops Danny Montero! Let's have “A Taste of Brazil” along with a foreskin or two -

It’s a gorgeous, balmy day where the sky is a brilliant blue and the sun beats down on Alexander Muller and our favorite bottom boy wonder, Alam Wernik. Not a word needs to be uttered for the action to get started! After their gorgeous bodies are kissed by the sun, they quickly enter the bedroom to engage in a steamy kiss that leads to bigger and better things. Alam can’t keep his hands or mouth off of Alexander’s eight pack before locking lips around a throbbing uncut shaft and gagging while getting his greedy pie hole fucked. The chemistry between these two is undeniably instantaneous! Especially when Wernik offers up his bootylicious backside for a little cock sitting action before Muller eats said bubble booty like groceries! The fun isn’t over until the big fat cock spews which is evident when Muller drills Alam’s tight asshole in the doggy position, making the blonde power bottom moan deep and long right before he blasts his hot load all over the bed. This only drives Alexander’s lust to new heights as he pumps like a piston until he can’t help but to spew his spunk all over the hunky bottom’s face during the explosively climactic ending that left me sitting on the edge of the seat with my own cock in hand ready to shoot a sticky load clear across the room!

Just picture it. The birds are singing on a serene, sunny day as Skyy Knox practically floats out on to the balcony only to land eyes on Joaquim Cruze going all jock and showing off his swimmer’s build while doing laps in the pool. Knox beckons with a flick of the wrist and Cruze wastes no time answering with a lusty smirk. With just a skimpy Speedo covering his naughty bits, who could blame Skyy for practically eye-fucking him before extending an invitation to his room? It’s pretty obvious that Knox couldn’t wait to worship Joaquim’s rock hard body from head to toe when he kisses his way down to the bulge in Joaquim’s bathing suit. Joaquim, being the considerate lover he is, returns the oral favor and prepping Skyy’s hairless hole for a balls deep anal reaming that stretches his hole so good (judging by the sexy ass moans Skyy gives with each thrust). A leg up on Joaquim’s shoulder in the missionary position sends him into a frenetic, fucking frenzy! After taking Joaquim’s pounding from every direction, Skyy lets out a burst of cum that coats his abs and leaves him spent. Joaquim isn’t done with him yet and jerks his load out onto Skyy’s face giving him a thick facial before the two lock lips one last time in a gooey, yet passionate kiss.

Remy Cruze is yet another hunky piece of man-meat I would like to nominate for my man-crush of the day! He’s also another one who likes to tantalize us viewers while enjoying a quick dip in the pool before going inside to find a sleeping Johnny V. in the sun-room. Still dripping from the pool, Remy leans down to awake his blonde paramour with a swish of that deliciously long tongue around an already erect nipple. After some passionate petting, Johnny focuses on that “Forever Young” tattoo while deep-throating and gagging on Remy’s huge, throbbing cock. Remy uses that nubile tongue again to lick Johnny V. from crack to taint, making sure to taste all of Johnny’s fine ass. On top of being a “Master Orator”; did I forget to mention Remy is also the “Dean of Laying the Dick”? Let me explain. It may seem like Johnny V. gets to set the pace being as though he’s riding the dick right? Nooooooo! Remy grabs Johnny’s arm’s in a gladiator grip and literally fucks him up and off the couch before Johnny is flipped into a pile-driver position – before picking him back up and fucking the greedy bottom in missionary position! Mmmmm, mmm, mmm. I think I’ll have what he’s having please and thank you.

There’s nothing like watching a scene where there’s no dialogue because that means it’s all action baby! But then again what words are really needed when it cums to Joaquim Cruze? This is a classic case of: “What that mouth do” when a half-clothed Cruze walks in to greet the eager-to- please Danny Montero. This naturally, motivates the cock hungry twink into the right “head” space he needs to be in for some fallacious philandering that doesn’t even make it into the bedroom! Danny kisses his way down Cruze’s gorgeous body before opening wide to take his thick, uncut cock right there on the stairs. After a brief face-fucking, Joaquim re-traces his steps to sink to his knees and returns the favor. Danny holds the back of Joaquim’s head while he face fucks the Brazilian hunk. It’s Joaquim’s turn again, so he sits on the stairs so his cock can be engulfed by Danny’s mouth once more as Danny chokes down the hefty meat until Joaquim explodes in his mouth and on his face. With the taste of Joaquim’s load on his lips, Danny feeds Joaquim some of his own cum and they finish off with a cum-filled kiss.

Danny Montero was lounging around in the sun-room (looking like a snack) when scruffy and bearded stud Woody Fox struts in to join him. Woody drapes himself over Danny and kisses him hello. Woody doesn’t hesitate to take the tongue-play even further when he rolls Danny over on all fours and buries his bearded face deep into Danny’s pink hole. Danny whips out the bulge in Woody’s trunks and gets right to servicing the hunk's uncut meat. Once Woody is rock hard, the horny Aussie drills Montero’s sweet little hole in every position…including the pile-driver! Fox is clearly a man on a mission which is evident in each fervent stroke he delivers. His stamina alone gave me goose bumps (and made me a little envious too if I were to tell the truth) while watching Fox work Montero over until the equally zealous bottom covers his abs in his own sticky seed. But the fun’s not over until Danny catches every last gooey drop of Woody’s with that handsome face of his and laps up the last few drops from the tip of Woody’s pulsating cock!

Having a hankering for a big, Brazilian steakhouse? Or is it gay Brazilian men with big steaks? Falcon has done right dippin' their toes into Brazilian gay porn and giving us some Brazilian porn stars with meaty, uncut cocks that we can really sink our teeth into!!

-- Review by Fluffy Flannigan, A GayHotMovies Review (https://www.hotmovies.com)