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Saturday, October 21st

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Tongue In Cheeck
Tongue In Cheek

2023, 200 min

Country: U.S.

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Director: Steve Cruz


Want a taste? Acclaimed directing duo Steve Cruz and Ben Rush invite you to reimagine the phrase Tongue in Cheek with an all-you-can-eat butt-fet featuring the hottest men of Raging Stallion. It's a bareback, big dick ass-fest that encourages fans to eat with their mouths open.

First on the menu is the marvelously muscular ass of model Morgxn Thicke. The moment his provocative photoshoot ends, production assistant Cole Connor is sliding under one of Fort Troff's spectacular rim chairs to go to town on the ripped hunk's invitingly hairy hole. Next, inked-up hunk Danny Starr is having some friendly fun in the pool when he decides to fuck Andre Bedford's ass with his big dick - and an empty glass soda bottle. Over in Greg Dixxon's garage, Derek Kage is interrupting some routine maintenance to take his cock and a handy socket wrench to the mechanic's perfectly round cheeks. Just a couple of miles down the road, busy shopper Timothy Chance is at a high-end mall when he walks in on Bruce Jones pissing in the men's room. Seizing the moment, Timothy pulls the bearded stranger into a public flip-fuck that leaves both hirsute hunks dripping and drained. Later, Beau Butler, Lawson James and Morgxn are supposed to be emptying out a storage unit for their boss but are instead emptying each other's balls by rimming and fucking each other's assholes while on the job.


In the first scene, Cole Connor is on the bottom worshipping Morgxn Thicke's bottom and thick topping rod as Connor gets his face wet, and his asshole reamed. At the top of the scene, we see that Connor is a photographer prepping his leather-clad subject Thicke for a stunning photoshoot. In typical RS fashion, the photography is stunning, flipping to black-and-white as Thicke's body is captured with cons and gorgeous detail. As the harness and jockstrap begin got take an erotic effect on Connor, things get handsy, then mouthy, then all bets are off.

Thicke and Connor are two formidable, handsome men brimming to the...rim...with masculine sexuality. They can't keep their hands off each other, and with the bodies they both present, hirsute and well-defined with bulging muscles and bugling packages, who could blame them? They come close, hands rubbing, exploring, then mouths and tongues slide in for deep passionate kissing. Thicke's thick and curved member is released and Connor can't drop to his knees fast enough to attack it with his mouth, his lips wrapping around it tightly as he sucks him down with his usual masterful expertise. Not that he needed any assistance from Thicke, his head is pushed vigorously to the base of Thicke's rod as he chokes, gags, sputters off, and goes right back for more.

His oral prowess is further demonstrated when Thicke plants himself down on the rim chair and Connor crawls underneath, extending his tongue out as far as it'll go as he presses his scruffy face up against Thicke's hairy hole, sucking and lapping and basically making a feast of his top's furry crevice. Thicke for his part pushes down, his rosebud pushing out a bit for Connor to taste, a treat he must be enjoying.

Thicke needs a taste of Connor's hole, but not with his tongue. Connor rises, and squats down on Thicke's impressive meat, wincing and groaning as he sinks down low and bounces up and down, fucking himself and that sturdy rod. Standing, he's bent over the table by the powerhouse Thicke who arrogantly rams into him, causing what seems like genuine flashes of concern across Connor's face. Not that he's tapping out by any means, cuz he just keeps bucking back for more. On his back with his legs spread, Connor is filled one last time with Thicke's rager as he jacks his spunk over his taut, trimmed belly. It's Thicke's cream that spurts out next, and Connor is one happy bottom when Thicke scoops up his jizz and feds it to him.

A hardbody Daddy lies shirtless working under a truck as another enters, sees this glorious man, and begins to touch himself. This image in and of itself is enough to warrant a couple of cum blasts. Luckily Dixxon, the muscled and hairy slab of beef on his back comes out to let Kage work on his taut, hard ass, spreading them wide as his tongue drills his hole as he's pressed up against the truck. His incredible uncut cock is next, pounding at Daddy, making the truck shake. Climbing into the truck bed they flip, and Kage goes ass up for a body-shaking rimming before Dixxon hovers over him, pummelling his asshole until he fills it with what seems like buckets of cream before his face is coated in Kage's spunk.

There is nothing like watching a bearded MuscleBear get fucked and taking a load to the face and mouth, slurping down hot jizz, in a public bathroom. And blonde Daddy Chance does just that with Jones' cock in their fantastic scene. Before that, there was mutual cocksucking, deep tongue drilling, and flip-fucking all over that mall bathroom. But damn, Chance on his knees eating jizz after having bred Jones with his is porn perfection.

Let's close all this with three astounding bodies as MuscleBears Thicke and James, who also gets some serious Daddy cred, work over the cubbylicious Butler as they work in the hot sun. Jeans, jockstraps, and tight t-shirts barely contain the bulging cocks and muscles bursting out, so that all gets shed in pieces as dicks swing in the sun and butt cheeks are spread and feasted upon. Butler takes both men's meat deep in his mouth before his ass is lapped and tongue-fucked before he's cock-fucked with Thicke and James taking turns in his hole. Best image? James' rugged, thick beard full of Butler's pole as Thicke pumps Butler's ass, pushing his dick deeper down James' throat. And remember what I said above about a hawt MuscleBear on his knees taking jizz? Yup, James gives us plenty of that as well!

Review by Hank Orso, FleshBot (https://gay.fleshbot.com/)