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Saturday, August 19th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Trade Show
Trade Show

2023, 163 min

Country: U.S.

Studio: Falcon Studios

Director: Steve Cruz


It's all hands on dick when it comes to pulling off the perfect "Trade Show", so roll up your sleeves and put some sweat into it. Gorgeous stud Cade Maddox and hot co-worker Kyle Fletcher are the first of their team to arrive in Las Vegas for the annual Adult Toy & Novelty Show. Employed by the world's top manufacturer of pleasure products, the two marketers know a thing or two about stiffening cocks and filling holes. And by sharing hotel rooms, they're always able to test out the merchandise - and each other. Handsome and thick-dicked Andre Donovan and insatiable bottom Jkab Ethan Dale have a similar work ethic, always going the extra distance for continued professional success. In fact, they head right from the airport to the back entrance of the company's trade booth to check out both the signage and the stock of promotional giveaways before checking out each other.


Kyle Fletcher is new to the adult industry trade show biz but coworker and roomie Cade Maddox is there to show him the ropes. Oh man, if only there were ropes! They begin by testing out the product, hauling out a large dildo to shove up Fletcher's hole but nothing beats the real thing, especially when it's Maddox's real thing! Fletcher's nervous about meeting his sales goals for the event, so Maddox is there to make sure he knows just how his product works. "Couldn't hurt." "Only in the best way." And with those words of wisdom, they're off and running, kissing and rubbing and pawing at each other as Fletcher's clothes come off, sporting a muscular, tight body that looks incredible next to Maddox's famous form.

Maddox, who we all know loves to rim a tight muscle-butt, works his magic on Fletcher's spread buns, drilling his ass with a probing, wet tongue that knows just where to hit the sweet spots as he opens him up and spit-lubes his backside. Fletcher is almost begging to be penetrated, and Maddox obliges. He picks up the dildo, turns it on...cuz it's fancy!...and presses it in deep as Fletcher quickly inhales and exhales, making his body wrap itself around the protruding appendage. He quickly gets used to it and is soon riding it back and forth as Maddox works his hole.

Of course, we all want to see Maddox own that ass, and he is soon pumping the twink with prime beef meat. Fletcher is in heaven, and since whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas he's willing to let pretty much anything happen to his ass. They look best when Fletcher is riding Maddox on top, both of their incredible bodies gyrating and humping as Fletcher gets filled. On his back, our bottom boy is pumped until Maddox pulls out to coat his torso with cream before breeding it back into him as he fucks a load from Fletcher's shaft. Sweating, heaving, and ultimately relaxed, the dildo lays at their side, and Fletcher can go back to work, refreshed.

Dale must be a magician because he makes Donovan's massive meat disappear! When these two muscular dudes get busy in the warehouse as they pack up dildos and vibrators for the convention, they wind up packing Dale's insatiable mouth and tight asshole with Donovan's lengthy, thick cock. Dale is a champ as he sputters and drools through his erotically slobbery BJ, eyes wet and bleary with effort before taking all the inches into his eventually-bred hole.

How much do you I love watching a hot bear get fucked? Um, a lot, actually, and Brogan's handsome face and beefy buns getting filled with Jackson's thick shaft is certainly a delight for the eyes. Sharing a room, they're bound to get naked together, and Brogan is quick to toss away the remote to get his hands on something tastier. He does quite the number on Jackson's dick, but his hungry mouth is nothing compared to his hungry ass which takes his buddy's meat in a few positions before his torso is covered in cream.

As Fox and his boss Xavier relax after a hard day in their über deluxe suite, the suits and slowly stripped off and the tongues and dicks go exploring. Bypassing any oral time, these two horndogs go right for the anal as first Fox, then Xavier, get their assholes plowed and bred in a flip-fucking bit of quick, torrid passion. Why does it have to be quick? Because they have a round two coming up with O'Reilly and Ducati!

When Fox and Xavier are done banging each other, they come down to the suite's lower level where Fox has stashed O'Reilly and Ducati for Xavier's pleasure under the guise of it being "boss appreciation day." And do these two have some big appreciation! This is flip-fucking taken to the next level as everyone's cock gets sucked and everyone's ass gets stuffed. Why use dildos when you got plenty of the real thing on hand? It's a frenetic, energetic display of sexual prowess until all are covered in sweat and jizz.

Review by Hank Orso, Fleshbot (http://www.fleshbot.com)