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Saturday, May 20th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Wanderlust Barcelona
Wanderlust Barcelona

2023, 121 min

Country: United States

Studio: NakedSword

Director: Alter Sin & Marc MacNamara


The destination? Barcelona. The men? Eager to fuck and excited to film it. Along with directors Alter Sin and Marc MacNamara, NakedSword Originals is jetting off to Europe to meet a crew of dedicated content creators for a bareback European expedition with WanderLust: Barcelona. The first stop on the journey is Joel Hart's private studio. There, the tattooed top becomes fixated on photographer Bastian Karim's every move before setting his sights on pounding his muscular ass. Days later, in the same space, it's influencer Dean Young's turn in the studio - and his chance to get his own taste of Joel's uncut meat. Meanwhile, Viktor Rom is miles away and getting ready to film content with Javi Gray and ensure that the camera catches every moment of his partner swallowing his pulsating dick. Next, wanting to capture his own magic, photographer Dmitry Osten gives his entire body to Sir Peter as the hung top fucks him by the fireplace and over an oversized table. Last, but not least, deep inside a Barcelona sex club, Bastian is satisfying a different side of his sexual appetite as he allows stranger Diego Reyes to pump his furry cock into his wide-open mouth. So, embrace your lust for the gorgeous men traveling across Europe as NakedSword Originals takes you to WanderLust: Barcelona.


NakedSword went to Barcelona and all they got was this stupid T-shirt. Oh, and a whole bunch of awesome sucking and fucking by hawt Europeans in their full-length release Wanderlust: Barcelona! Co-directors Alter Sin and Marc MacNamara film Bastian Karim, Joel Hart, Viktor Rom, Javi Gray, Sir Peter, Dmitry Osten, Dean Young, and Diego Reyes in five duos centered around the theme of social media content creating. It's raw, intense action that's beautiful to watch and impeccably filmed.

Tatted hardbody Hart is transfixed by photographer Karim's focused gaze on his work, but detects a sadness lingering for some reason. When Karim takes his picture and leans in close to display the outcome, the two's proximity results in tender kissing, and less-than-tender cocksucking and fucking when Karim masterfully takes Hart's über-thick tool in both holes until his solid, smooth chest and face are coated in both men's jizz.

What's unique about Rom's scene with Gray is the number of locales they fuck in. Moving throughout the beautiful country-chic home, the barrel-chested Rom captures the more slender Gray as his thick uncut meat is serviced. He splits Gray in two in the studio, on the kitchen counter, and finally in the bedroom, where Gray's balls and pubes are coated with cream.

Was there a length minimum requirement for the tops in this because...Jesus! It's like one third leg after another here! Sir Peter is looking especially fit and tight as he strips down in what looks like a monastery's outdoor pavilion gathering space to gruffly feed and fuck the hell out of Osten's tight ass. Osten is a dirty-mouthed bottom, yelling out his need for Sir Peter to fill him, fuck him, feed him. Lots of ATM with this one as Osten cleans Peter's girthy tool between fuck rounds until his torso is slick with his own spunk and his face dripping with Sir Peter's.

What's interesting about watching this scene between Hart and Young is that it dawned on me what's missing from the Wanderlust performers' characterizations of content creators, especially porn content. They've removed the quality of horrific ego and selfishness often attributed to that set. As they film, take selfies, and establish the perfect shots, they do it all to create art and transmit that to their fans. It's done out of a sense of artistry, not self-gratifying indulgence and a grab for fame.

To be sure the sex is still hyper-masculine here, with Hart's intense look made more obvious next to Young's beatific blonde beauty. But when he uses Young's holes, kisses his mouth, and holds him close, it's as if he's more enamored with him and what they can create than with "owning that ass."

That being said, the closing scene with Karim bottoming for beefy Musclebear Reyes has a darker edge, a more top/bottom leather quality in the color scheme and set dressing of the space they play in. Karim eagerly gives up his body to the handsome bearded hottie, swallowing his pole down and stretching his hole to accommodate the man's girth. They deliver a stunning finish when Karim, already slick with his own cum, is absolutely doused from forehead to belly as Reyes sprays a whopper of a load, one shot after another as he kneels at the bottom's crotch. Wanderlust indeed!

-- Review by Hank Orso, Gay Fleshbot (http://gay.fleshbot.com)