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Saturday, April 2nd

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Wet Heat
Wet Heat

2022, 148 min

Country: United States

Studio: Falcon Studios

Director: Steve Cruz & Trenton Ducati


If you're trying to escape the scorching summer sun but still want to get hot and heavy, then head to the pool for some Wet Heat. Guided by award-winning directors Steve Cruz and Trenton Ducati, these ten skinny dipping studs are bringing the bedroom to the water for some soaked, unsupervised, poolside action. No matter how hot or horny you get during the summer months, you can always escape to the pool and soak up countless loads of unforgettable Wet Heat.


Falcon Studios has released Wet Heat, the full-length DVD and streaming release directed by the award-winning duo Steve Cruz and Trenton Ducati. Starring Exclusives Tristan Hunter and Reign, with fan favorites Luke Truong, Vincent O’Reilly, Michael Boston, Roman Todd, Alex Hunter, Eric Charming, Damien White, and Trent Marx, these five scenes are sure to add some warmth to your frigid and snow-blanketed winter. All the bareback action takes place under the blazing sun in and alongside a glorious pool that leaves our men sun-kissed and glistening. And sitting here in the Midwest in below-freezing temperature as I type this I can only say… fuck those guys. I hate ’em and hope they all get bad sunburns. I kid. It’s a 2-hour-plus, well-crafted watch that’ll warm you to your bone and boner.

Tristan and Luke start things off right as these two twunks kiss passionately in the pool before taking things to the adjoining patio. Here’s the thing…I’ve never been super big on sex in a pool, but they prove that a pool is perfectly situated for some activities. For instance, Luke on his back with his beautiful hole spread while Tristan eats him out as he stands in the pool. It’s the perfect level for oral pleasure, and these two play that out nicely. But also, I really wanna see the outtakes and bloopers to see how often they had to reposition and rest because they’re naked on stone as Luke is grinding down on Tristan’s long thick dick, and that had to get uncomfortable after a while. Maybe the discomfort helps ward off cumming too soon and keeps the action going? At any rate, these two look great as Luke offers his hole in several positions before Tristan is blowing his load over Luke’s cheeks and sticking it back in to breed him a bit..

Michael and Vincent up the ante a bit from the previous scene as they get to engage in some hot and heavy flip-fucking, with Michael the first to take the tatted stud’s long meat before he fucks a creamy load out of Vincent. Turning the tables back, and Michael’s hole is filled once again with Vincent’s cock as he sprays his own spunk over their torsos. It’s a quick scene, but I always love watching Michael’s chunky ass and muscle-bear-in-the-making body get plowed.

Roman and Alex are our official muscle studs as they flip-fuck their humpy butts in what comes off as a “classic” looking scene. These two exude a vibe and look of Falcon days gone by, hearkening back to the ’90s and even ’80s in their simple tats and traditionally muscular forms and hair styles. Their sex is hot as hell, but I kept thinking throughout that as handsome as Alex is now, I can’t wait to see him in ten years when he’s reaching official daddy status; I can see it in his face and eyes now, and his light chest hair and wide, gorgeous beard-covered face are going to be somehow even hotter to watch. Mark my words.

Every collection of scenes like this always has a bit of a filler scene, like an album’s filler song. Not quite a throw-away, but one which makes you think “Yeah, okay, that was also some sex.” If the scene between uber-twink Eric and DILF-to-be Damien was a song, it would be Prince’s “Lady Cab Driver” off 1999; still better than many but not the one you return for on repeated listenings. That being said, someone needs to top Damien’s muscled ass, please.

Which brings us to the “album closer,” the “Brain Damage/Eclipse” of this collection, if you will (Google it!) which is the hole-destroying, sweat-pouring, ass-breeding coupling of Reign and Trent. These two are fantastic together as the tatted twunk Trent is a total bottom slut for Reign’s impressive slab of meat. He sucks that pole down like a champ, gagging on it nicely before having to give his throat a rest and work his hand into the oral action for a while before going back to full-throttle sucking. Reign loves the taste of his bottom’s ass, spreading it wide and tongue-fucking him to prep him for his monster, and Trent is a hearty soul for spending so much time on his hands and knees on that stone walkway as his backside is pummeled energetically by Reign. Someone get him some kneepads, stat! Jeez, I hurt just watching them! It’s a glorious thing as Reign pumps away to the point of blowing his ropey strands all over Trent’s cheeks before stuffing it all back in to breed the boy’s butt.

-- Review in Cybersocket (https://cybersocket.com/)