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Saturday, January 21st

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Wild Weekend -Part 2
Trailer - Wild Weekend 2
Wild Weekend Part Two
(Falcon Pac 264)

2016, 104 min

Country: U. S.

Studio: Falcon Studios

Director: Tony DiMarco


Ready for a sexual adventure? Get on board with this international group of horny, hunky Falcon guys who meet up in the Bay Area for a wild weekend enjoying San Francisco gay pride, summer weather, and uninhibited sex! They've arrived in California ready to let loose, celebrate their sexuality and share it with each other. Get your front row seat and an up-close-and-personal view in the two-part, steamy Falcon event, Wild Weekend.


In Part Two, the action heats up even more when the guys return from their Russian River retreat. Pride is in full swing, and everybody is horny! J.J. Knight starts his day by shoving his cock down Ken Rodeo's throat and plowing Ken's ass. Finishing his morning run, world-famous underwear model Ryan Rose comes back to shower and finds J.J. toweling off. J.J. and Ryan reminisce about "the old days" when they were college roommates, but they're interrupted by J.J.'s roommate, Wesley Woods. Out at the Pride Parade, all the guys take off in different directions. Paul Canon hits it off with hottie Colton Grey on the street, and they beat it back to the hotel room to go all the way.

J.J. goes to Beaux in the Castro and instantly gets lucky with fellow club-goer Kyle Ash. They take over a bathroom stall and J.J. pumps his cock in and out of Kyle's ass in rhythm with the pumping beats coming from the dance floor. Wesley sneaks a peek over the stall wall and gets a glimpse of J.J. having a good time. Heading back out onto the streets of the Castro, Wesley spontaneously meets up with Ryan. Wesley has been crushing on Ryan all weekend, but Ryan seemed more interested in J.J.'s European cousin. This time, something clicks, and Ryan and Wesley head back to the house for explosive sex. Afterwards, they go up to the roof and make out high above the Castro. Looking up from the street below, J.J. sees his two best friends and cheers them on: "Yes! I knew it!" They all laugh as Wesley exclaims, "Oh my god, I love Pride!" It's the perfect ending to their wild weekend of hot hookups and uninhibited action.

Review by Falcon Studios (www.falconstudios.com)