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Saturday, June 2nd

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Wyoming Getaway
Wyoming Getaway

2018, 205 min

Country: U.S.

Studio: Sean Cody

Director: Sean Cody


Day 1: Wyoming has it all; the beautiful scenery, fresh air, and hot guys fucking outdoors! On the first day of this getaway, we were lucky enough to get some snow, so Malcolm and Dean were excited to have a little fun in it. A little cold didn't stop these two studs from getting what they wanted!

Day 2: Our favorite couple is back, and Derick stopped by to take advantage of the great Wyoming scenery and a couple of tight asses! On a chilly day, dipping into a hot tub is definitely a good idea to relax and warm up, but Derick, Deacon and Asher didnít waste any time getting right to the fun stuff. Hot tub threesome with three very hot guys? You canít go wrong with that!

Day 3: Dillan joins us in the mountainous state of Wyoming, and Dean is back to fill his hole again! Itís just not possible to not have sex outdoors here. Itís too beautiful to pass up, so Dean started out by sucking Dillanís throbbing cock with the beautiful mountain view in the backgroundÖcouldnít ask for moreÖbut Dean wanted more, so a dick in his ass was in order! Thereís nothing like riding dick while enjoying a great view.

Day 4: Itís certainly a sight to see when you get six horny guys together in a secluded winter oasis, with a whole lot of dick, ass and testosterone coming from all ends! Asher, Deacon, Dillan, Jack, Lane and Malcolm couldnít get enough of each other, so this is part one of this intense orgy! Let the fun times begin...

Finale: Part two of this orgy concludes Sean Codyís Wyoming Getaway, but these sexy studs arenít finished yet! Asher, Deacon, Lane, Jack, Dillan & Malcolm decided to take it inside this time, and fortunately, there was plenty of cum left for all of them!

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